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The Creative Minded Conundrum

Creators, whether they are photographers, filmmakers, writers, painters, or any other creative field, all have moments where they feel uninspired. Inspiration can stem from many different things, varying from person to person, and differs between creative fields. The one thing that creators have in common is creating different forms of media that express a feeling to their audience. As most people have a time of feeling uninspired even those that are not creators of some sort, it actually makes the sense to take advantage of not being inspired. Utilizing a feeling that can be shared between a creator and their audience to create something truly inspiring for both parties.

It is a weird concept to some people, but if you really dig deep into it, it’ll make more sense. In essence when a creator is feeling uninspired and unmotivated they stop creating a lot of the time. This makes sense to some because how can you create something when you don’t feel like you have any creative energy in you at the moment. Think about it though, instead of stopping or slowing down your creation you should be creating even more during those times of lack of inspiration. It has to do with finding common ground between the audience to the artists or vise versa and its impeccable way to connect the world around us. The lack of creative energy, in itself, can bring motivation and inspiration that beings out more interesting art, creations, and impact on the community. Making something out of nothing is what makes creative people special, but what connects them to the majority is showing them that even emotions that are not the most positive can generate outstanding results.

Writers or other kinds of creators have a slightly different perspective and unique motivations. Sometimes it take just writing about your day, trying something abnormal, and working outside your normal operating area to really show yourself and others what you have. The most fascinating creations can come from the most unthinkable of motivations or lack there of. Having an absence or good creative thoughts can force a creative person to make something so different that it changes their whole perspiration of the world. In changing the artists’ understanding of what they can do actually can speak through their work into their audience and start a great chain reaction.

Why Create Without Specific Motivation

Photographers, filmmakers, or other artists who don’t get out and create because of they think they can’t be creative are underestimating their own creative nature. Visual artists such as photographers see the world differently from a lot of people. When a photographer feels uninspired the best thing to do is take a camera out and go start shooting. Shoot everything and anything you can find, whether it be the funny shaped rock, a portrait of your family member, a street scene, or anything else. It is interesting to thing about moments and ideas you may miss by thinking there is nothing good to shoot. Changing your physical perspective can do a world of justice; something simple like walking on the other side of the street you don’t normally walk on, or getting lower to the ground to see the world from a different angle.

This was shot from a car window, driving to work. It is such a moment. What are the changes of getting the biker going right in the middle of the shot at the same instant of crossing the rails. Yes I saw the bike coming seconds before and having the camera ready on my lap it only took me a couple seconds to grab this amazing shot.

The point here is that you never know when inspiration will hit you and just being ready and trying to create something out of nothing is not an easy thing to do. Artists have it within them to see the world slightly differently than majority of people. It is vital for artists to go out and create something every day, because for all you know, today is the day you create something you would have never imagined yourself doing otherwise.

Sometimes, you wake up in a funk, take your time getting up, took out your window and see something amazing. I took about 10 photos of this amazing bird sitting in the tree outside my window until I caught this moment.

Know When to Take a Break

On a final note for visual artists, sometimes it is equally crucial to take moments away from your camera and just experience the world. As artists that are constantly trying to get the perfect shot, it is important to take breaks at times. Sometimes it may be just skipping one sunset and watching it through your eye just to reflect. Even though it is important to not let things stand in your way from making something new when not feeling motivated, being always overly concerned about making something is not a great extreme either. A small break away from the attempt of creation can be useful too in changing your view on things. Best example is post production, where you can over produce a photo or video then looking at it after a day or two realize you were tired and trying too hard. In the end, the best thing is balance without going into extremes on either side.


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