Photographers and videographers see the world differently

Photographers vs. the Average Person


Everyone has their own perspective and opinions of the world, right? This is a given. Nevertheless, those who see their world though their a view finder, have a difference sense of the world than the majority of other people. It is hard to describe because even though visual storytellers have a similarity about how they perceive things, they have uniqueness too. We are always finding a way to frame the world through the lens have a unique insight into the visual world.

A clever trick I learned one time, take two playing cards, form a “V” shape, and then put it right up to your eye with the other eye closed. Doing this creates a natural depth of field perspective.

I sometimes use this trick if I don’t have my camera out and ready to see if I want to take it out to take a shot of something. We always view the world from a sitting, standing, or laying down perspective. We tend to do the same things day in, and day out. A subtle change in the way things are set in front of you can make a world of difference.


Why should you change your perspective occasionally?

Sometimes it is crucial to change your perspective get down low, right against ground level, or get on a roof. That is a very literal example and there are many more ways to think about that. A subtle change may show the world a totally different view of things and make people question their own perspective.

Easy example of perspective and angles making the biggest difference!

As silly as that is, it shows just how much a change in your angle of view can have a massive impact. Imagine if the second image did not exist and all that was captured was the first one. An international incident waiting to happen?

What I’ve learned over the years

As a horribly stubborn person, I know how difficult it is to try to view things from a different perspective. It has taken me a very long time to learn to constantly check myself, step out of my own shoes, and see if things would feel different if experienced from a different angle, physically or mentally.

As someone who is always looking at the world in a very visual way, I try to find something that catches attention, makes people wonder, or just makes people feel some different way for a moment. It has taken me years to finally try to see the world in ways that most people would not think to look from. I still make mistakes and constantly find myself photographing something from the most boring everyday way possible. The difference now is that I typically catch myself very quickly! With that, I force myself to change my view and see if a simple quick change in perspective could change everything for my audience and myself.

Crouch Down!

Get Close!

Get REALLY Close!!

Look UP!

Shhhh! 🤫 LISTEN!

You will truly be amazed at the things you can discover about yourself, your surroundings, and others around you!

Feedback is always greatly appreciated!

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